Our Firm

Our Mission Statement

KUDU Legal is an international, dynamic and flexible law firm committed to offering comprehensive solutions in intellectual property and technology matters. With a specialized and highly qualified, multidisciplinary and international team, we achieve 360º solutions.


Our work is not based on the mere registration of the intangible assets of a business, but on accompanying, guiding, and advising our clients to achieve professional success by identifying possible future problems and creating tailor-made strategies that allow a safe and comprehensive expansion of their business.


Service to our clients

Personalized service

The client is at the heart of our firm. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that suits all individuals or companies. Our services will be adapted to the particular needs of each client.

Multidisciplinary firm

Complex problems require solutions to be analyzed from different legal fields. Our team has strategic and international alliances and multidisciplinary professionals. When solving the issues of our clients, we plan not just for the short term but we also seek to identify other areas in which our clients may be exposed.

Excellence and Specialization

In a market as competitive as the one we live in today, it is vital that companies can rely on experts specialized in intellectual and industrial property to keep their most valuable intangible assets protected. At KUDU Legal, we have lawyers specialized in different areas of IP world wide.


We always attend to the client from a strategic approach combining legal and business experience.


Business strategies are essential to creating moral-based rules that set the guidelines of what is right. At KUDU Legal, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


Commitment to our client wellbeing and growth. Helping our clients grow their business while taking all legal safeguards cultivates affinity and long-term loyalty.

Trademark specialists

KUDU is a boutique law firm formed by a highly innovative team of experts in intellectual property and specialized in strategic advice. We also have international associates, thus forming a multidisciplinary and international team. Our team has extensive experience in numerous markets and jurisdictions.